Hello and Welcome!

My name is Jack, I live in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada and I post photo’s that I have taken along the way. I try to add-on a “tidbit” of information to pique the interest of each post. As an amateur photographer I am fortunate to have lived in places where photo op’s are abundant and the scenery makes you awestruck. A place for which, it is a sin to ever leave home without a camera!

I enjoy the historic past of the Rocky Mountains, who conquered them, those that chose to live here and the characters who dropped by to visit for a short time or those that stayed forever!

I attempt to post as often as I can, on any Mountain subject related to just living, the history, the places, the animals and whatever else comes my way. My Posts will include a wide variety of topics from Spiders to Medicine Wheels and everything imaginable in between that.

I named this site MY ROCKY MOUNTAIN WINDOW because you get what I see.

I welcome feedback and questions! Enjoy!




  1. Hi,
    Really like your weather site. I have been interested in starting my own as a bit of a hobby. Thought it could be installed at the Canmore golf course for use by golfers as well since my house not a great met site. I would be very interested in learning more about your site, cost, time commitments, maintenance efforts etc.



    • Hi Kim,
      Thank you your feedback and kind words. The WX stations you can buy today are pretty much run themselves with a bi-annual battery change. You can get completely wireless stations and have no wires to connect. They even have templates for your web site. I have a Vantage Pro2 wireless station from Davis.Here is their link. http://www.davisnet.com/weather/ I would also recommend joining the weather underground http://classic.wunderground.com/global/CN_ST_Index.html This is where all my data goes to. Goto Banff and then look for my station at the very bottom. They display and archive your data so you can avoid having your own web site.
      Anyway hope this helps, any more questions get back to me. Jack


  2. Thanks so much Jack for the great blog on bear spray at Lafarge. I just got a call from North Carolina from one of your followers keen to learn more before they visit us in August. Your support and concern for wildlife is greatly appreciated.

    Program Director


  3. Great blog! we are headed your way in September. Any suggestions of must-see’s? we are in the Banff-jasper area for a week! cannot wait! Thanks! Jennifer Smith, North Carolina


  4. Hi Jack, I came across your site this afternoon when doing some research on the Northern Shoveler. You have some fantastic photos! Many are very similar to shots I have made in and around our little corner of paradise. I was wondering if I could have permission to use one or two of your photos for a presentation I am doing for a wildlife management course.


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