Chilko Lake

Chilko Lake is the largest alpine lake in North America and the highest and largest freshwater lake in the world. The crystal-clear lake is surrounded by extraordinary mountain scenery, and is one of the most visually appealing wilderness lakes in British Columbia.









  1. I was looking at this picture thinking to myself… I recognize that canoe… and that girl… and that dog!! that’s my wife and I from last years trip to chilko lake! I did end up catching dinner at that sand bar that day. Also do you do the boat tours around the lake??
    PS thanks for the offer to take us down the lake last year. I wish I took you up on it!!
    Zach F.


    • Hello Zach,
      My wife and I were aboard that craft as quests of Phil and Ann Huston who own and operate the The Chilko Experience, 4 km east from Chilko Lake. We stayed for 7 days and spent 2 of those on the lake. It was nice to see your canoe and some real people as it can be a very quiet place! Phil and Ann are from Omaha Nebraska and built a $ 10 million dollar estate for 12 people! You actually get your own log house to stay in with a his and her ATV parked outside!! A very nice place and we had a great time. I took quite a few pic’s which can be seen here.
      Also you can check out their website.
      By the way we are from Predator Ridge, Vernon, BC



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