Small vs Big

This immature Bald Eagle does not flinch a feather as the Red-winged Blackbird aggressively defends its territory and promotes it’s exit.
RJB_1995Photo by J.Borno
The Blackbird is a protector bird and not scared to tackle any bird, any size.
RJB_1996Photo by J.Borno

The maximum longevity of the Red-winged Blackbird in the wild is 15.8 years. The average lifespan of Bald Eagles in the wild is around 20 years, with the oldest confirmed one having been 28 years of age.


One comment

  1. Great photos.

    I never cease to marvel at the tenacity of the underdog that stops at nothing to defend its territory. “Timorous” is apparently not part of the red-wing blackbird’s lexicon.

    Methinks that Canada could use a few more red-wing blackbirds in government.


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