Santa is Stuck in Canmore

Santa Claus will soon be on his way flying all over the world, visiting every country and every child. In preparation of this big event, Santa and his Reindeer did have to train so their timing, speed and landing’s are perfect! So the Jolly Old Fellow has always picked Canmore, Alberta, Canada for this duty. He loves flying over the Three Sisters while in training and years ago helped name the peaks, HOPE, FAITH and CHARITY in the spirit of Christmas!

The town of Canmore is so beholding to Santa Claus for his selection of their town that they pave the Main Street in SNOW so he can practice, practice and more practice!

However, a few days ago while attempting his first training run there was an accident, Rudoph came in too high, hit a street light and crashed on that Stonewater store roof! Now Santa is stuck in a chimney head first, thank god he has a big belly! To boot all the Reindeer vanished with the local Elk herd.

We should note that this is the first ever press release disclosing these facts, you are the first to know! The proof is in the photo’s! Enjoy!

The Three Sisters – Hope – Faith – Charity
DSC00191Canmore’s Main Street – Paved in Snow – 80 truck loads!DSC_0852The Accident Scene – I hope they can get him out!_DSC6455The local Elk Herd races off with Santa’s Reindeer!DSC_0313



  1. We are speechless here in Melonville, the home of Mayor Tommy Shanks, mainly because a similar incident occurred here a fortnight ago and was reported locally, Of course, this has created a great scandal in these parts mainly because the mayors of Edmonton, St. Albert, and most of the other 23 urban and rural municipalities in the Greater Edmonton Capital Region have issued a similar press release. The glaring difference between your story, accompanied with detailed colour photos, and the press release here is in the quality of the images. The ones here look like crayon-like sketches that someone in a kindergarten class might have drawn.

    The local mayor has resigned, but for other reasons that shall now be deemed suspicious, and the other jurisdictions have called for an inquiry. Apparently the file is not only in the hands of the RCMP but also on the desk of the Premier, the leader of Majesty’s Loyal Opposition and the other pretenders to the throne. It’s anyone’s guess as to the outcome of this course of events.

    I am forwarding this information to the powers that be in the Greater Edmonton Capital Region. I am sure that the photos in your e-mail message shall impress them and sway their opinion.


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