Mount Chickadee

A common and full time inhabitant of the Rocky Mountain’s, their range extends from the southern Yukon to California. This chickadee can be found above 12,000 feet, sometimes to the timberline and beyond. It spends a lot of time in the postbreeding season caching conifer seeds for the winter. A few Mountain Chickadees may migrate locally up the mountains in the summer and down into the mountain foothills in the winter. They breed monogamously, producing 1 to 2 broods per year. During the latter part of summer, the younglings will have left their mothers’ nests and settle in a new territory, where they will most likely stay for the rest of their existence.

Mountain Chickadee – In search of a sunflower seed

Mountain Chickadee – Grab a seed one at a time

Mountain Chickadee – pounding the seed as the bird hangs on to it with its feet

Seed skinned and time to take off and enjoy!

Mountain Chickadee eating from Karen’s hand


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