The Three Sisters VORTEX

About 10 years ago I met a man who told me about a powerful energy vortex located on the south side of the Three Sisters. Since I had no idea what a vortex was, I continued to listen as he talked about the energy of this location and the potential for attracting non earth beings. He went on to say that he had moved here from Ireland to be near this vortex and that was his only life purpose! It is located here on Google Map, behind the “Faith Peak”. By the way I never did see this man again, maybe he caught a space taxi!

The so called Vortex – centre

Energy Vortices also called Power Spots or Sacred Sites, are concentrated subtle-energy deposits located at various geophysical places. Mainly influenced by Earth Energy: electro-magnetism, ionization, underground water, geothermal activity – to name a few sources; an energy vortex is the “Meeting Grounds for Invisible Energy”.

Close up

Earth’s energy field is an invisible electromagnetic grid system composed of energy pathways or leylines. Noted by the Irish as ‘fairy paths’; the Europeans as ‘line songs’; and the Chinese as ‘dragon currents’, these natural energy pathways intersect one another, creating high energy vortices ( positive/negative or yin/yang ).

Other types of vortex claims include:

Paranormal portals that act as doorways to the afterlife– or other dimensions
Vortexes at the convergence of ley lines
Sites of ancient rituals like Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza
Vortexes associated with crop circles
Centers of UFO/USO activity

Alberta has various high-energy manifestations that are natural in nature, man made, or perhaps, influenced or created by cosmic visitors. Many readers may be surprised to discover that Alberta is a major high energy area, ranking as one of the “Top 50” Earth energy centers of the World.

True or not? Something to ponder!



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