Jasper Photo Falls

Two outstanding waterfalls located in Jasper National Park built just for the photographer.

The headwater comes from the Columbia Glacier about 70 kilometers south. Among the most powerful and breathtaking falls in the Rocky Mountains, The Athabasca River thunders through a narrow gorge where the walls have been smoothed and potholes are created by the sheer force of the rushing water carrying sand and rock. It is a class 5 waterfall, with a drop of 80 ft (24 m) and a width of 60 ft (18 m).

Tangle Falls may be the most commonly photographed waterfall along the Icefields Parkway due to its incredibly easy access. The falls spray 114 feet in as many as half a dozen braids down a broad cliff before consolidating and dropping over three more consecutive tiers of 14, 18 and 13 feet respectively, then funneling under the Icefields Parkway via a culvert. The falls are a very popular study for professional photographers and during the day tourists are commonly seen flocking at the bottom of the falls for a quick photo op.



  1. Your photos are amazing! May I use the last photo of the Athabasca Falls (just above the photo of the Tangled Falls) as part of a conference banner for the Canadian Water Resources Association Alberta Branch’s 2016 Provincial Conference? If yes, please send me an email at jennifer_hiebert@clifton.ca.

    Thank you!


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