Peyto Blue

One of the most gorgeous gems of the Rockies is Peyto Lake. Expect it to be crowded though as the Tour buses roll through every couple minutes, dropping off tons of tourists who run to the viewpoint for a snap or two.

Peyto Lake (pea-toe) is a glacier-fed lake located in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies. It was named for Ebenezer William “Bill” Peyto (1869-1943), an early trail guide and trapper in the Banff area. Peyto worked as a park warden in the Banff National Park from 1913 until his retirement in 1936

The alluvial fan at the head of the lake formed by the glacial silt settling out
Photo by J.Borno

The lake is formed in a valley of the Waputik Range, between Caldron Peak, Peyto Peak and Mount Jimmy Simpson, at an elevation of 1,860 m (6,100 ft).

Photo by J.Borno

During the summer, significant amounts of glacial rock flour flow into the lake, and these suspended rock particles give the lake a bright, turquoise color. Because of its bright color, photos of the lake often appear in illustrated books, and area around the lake is a popular sightseeing spot for tourists in the park. The lake is best seen from Bow Summit, the highest point on the Icefield Parkway.

Photo by J.Borno

The lake is fed by the Peyto Creek, which drains water from the Caldron Lake and Peyto Glacier (part of the Wapta Icefield), and flows into the Mistaya River.

Photo by J.Borno


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