Big Spider is RE-ID’d

Back on February 15, 2012 I did a post Calling all SPIDER LOVERS to help ID a Big Spider I found on a Mountain Top. From the photo, it was ID’d and I posted that February 22, 2012 The Big Hairy Spider is ID’d

Here is my photo of this Spider – taken August 20, 2011

Well thanks to Dr Robb Bennett and his Royal BC Museum Colleagues, while doing spider survey work in southeastern BC this summer, did find the same spider in the same general location I had taken the photo.

So now the big hairy, eight legged and eight eyed spider has a NEW name after this positive identification!

The Spider now ID’d as: Lycosidae (Wolf Spider) + Melocosa (Genus) + Melocosa fumosa (Species)

This species appears to be native to Canada (Alberta and BC), Alaska and found at high elevations like the top of the Rocky Mountain’s. A true Mountain Spider!

The Wolf Spider “melocosa fumosa”

No doubt a very spooky spider but after all the research and pictures I have viewed, nightmares incurred, I now have a new respect for this large hairy Anthropod. Another animal for you to add to the watch list, while on the hiking trails.

Thanks to Dr Robb Bennett, Royal BC Museum, Victoria for his identification. He also provided a link to Electronic Atlas of Wildlife in British Columbia



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