Fire and Water

For the complete photo album of Marble Canyon and Tokumm Creek visit The Picture Window.

The Marble Canyon hike along the Tokumm Creek is very short, but the visual impact is amazing. Located in Kootenay National Park.

Admire dramatic colours, sights and sounds as this short trail of just under 2 kilometers criss-crosses the narrow gorge and takes you into the heart of a recent wildfire. It is like an awesome work of art.

The erosion of a 40 m deep gorge by the pounding waters of Tokumm Creek. The canyon walls are limestone and dolomite; some is white, resembling marble.

In 2003, part of a massive fire that burned over 170 square kilometers of Kootenay National Park — almost 12 per cent of the total area of the park itself!

It had taken a month to contain and extinguish the lightning-ignited fire, and when the fire was out, the Marble Canyon area was almost completely destroyed.

It took 4 years of hard work to rebuild the bridges, railings and trails and ensure public safety.


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