Boom Bang Boom

The summer of 2012 will go down as a pretty good year for the storm chasers. For a great site check out Alberta Foothills Weather

The storm that bring’s the big rush is the tornado, nature’s most violent form of storm activity. It can produce upwardly spiraling winds of between 120 to 450 kilometres per hour and cause devastating damage along a path 40 to 400 meters in width. The forward motion of the tornado funnel has a forward speed of up to 70 km per hour.

Meanwhile, more than 300,000 lightning strikes hit annually in Alberta alone, posing a greater danger to the average storm-watcher. Check out Alberta’s Daily Lightning Map

We seldom see many big storms in Canmore but here are a few shots of some that blew over. Enjoy!

Storm brewing over Lake Minnewanka and heading EAST
Photo by J.Borno

Strong weather passing over Banff and Rundle Mountain
Photo by J.Borno

Over Cochrane and Springbank
Photo by J.Borno

A Canola field in danger – large hail will flatten it
Photo by J.Borno


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