Calgary’s Polar Bird’s

Penquins are very much a novelty to us that live in the Northern Hemisphere. In February 2012 The Calgary Zoo introduced several dozen along with a $ 25 million dollar, state of the art facility.
A very popular and busy, but fun exhibit!

Come along, and meet the four species of Penguins that now call Calgary home.

The Gentoo Penquin
Breed’s on many sub-Antarctic islands. The main colonies are on the Falkland Islands. – Click on photo to enlarge
Photo by J.Borno

The King Penquin
Is the second largest species of penguin at about 11 to 16 kg (24 to 35 lb), second only to the Emperor Penguin. They are found in the South Atlantic. – Click on photo to enlarge
Photo by J.Borno

The Northern Rockhopper Penguin
More than 99% of Northern Rockhoppers breed on Tristan da Cunha and Gough Island in the south Atlantic Ocean. – Click on photo to enlarge
Photo by J.Borno

The Humboldt Penquin
A South American penguin, that breeds in coastal Peru and Chile. – Click on photo to enlarge
Photo by J.Borno

There are 18 species of penguins in the world.
Primarily found only in the Southern Hemisphere.
Penguins are birds with black and white feathers and a funny waddle.
But unlike most birds, penguins are not able to fly — in the air that is.
Plumage is coated with tiny bubbles that reduce friction.
Can swim as fast as 20 miles per hour (32 kph).
Are carnivores that catch all their food live in the sea.
Eyes work better underwater than they do in the air.
Highly social, colonial birds that form large breeding colonies.
Emperor penguin males will incubate their eggs for two months in the winter without eating.
Depending on the species, a wild penguin can live 15-20 years.
During that time, they spend up to 75 percent of their lives at sea.


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