Mission Complete

Another year has gone by for the birds! To get here, they flew some 3 to 5 thousand kilometres to build their nests – lay their eggs – brood them – feed and fledge their young!

Now the parents are busy outside the box,feeding and teaching their clutch (group of birds) so they can mature and survive their long flight south. Both the Mountain Bluebird and Tree Swallows will fly as far as Mexico with a few heading further into South America.

This migration will repeat next year and for many year’s after, with many of the same birds returning to the exact same nesting boxes.

Mortality disposes of monogamy as the life spans is very short.

Our Mountain Bluebird Stats 2012

We monitor 48 Nest boxes, there is over 4,000 boxes in the Calgary Area

Bluebird Nests – Starts – 17 Used -13
Bluebird Egg Count – 95
Bluebird Nestlings – 69
Bluebirds that fledged – 61
Bluebirds Banded – 3 Adults – 48 Young

Our Tree Swallow Stats 2012

Tree Swallow Nests – 37
Tree Swallow Egg Count – 229
Tree Swallow Nestlings – 223
Tree Swallows that fledged – 206

Adult Female Mountain Bluebird will fly south with her jewellery attached!


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