The Love Rock

Emerald Lake, located in Canada’s Yoho National Park is a very high energy and spiritual place. It attract’s visitors by the thousands from every corner of the earth. On the eastside and above Emerald Lake is the Burgess Shale Formation, one of the world’s most celebrated fossil fields, and the best of its kind at 505 million years old.

Mount Burgess and the Emerald Lake Lodge
Photo by J.Borno near the Love Rock

1950 Issue, Canadian Currency – Mount Burgess & Emerald Lake, BC

Along side this mountain lake is a special rock, with a perfect heart carved into it. In June of 1955, Ernie first met Ingrid at Emerald Lake and Ernie a stone carver from Calgary, cast his love for Ingrid by carving the heart with their names right into the rock. The first carving inside the heart was “Ingrid” “June” “1955” and “Hanni” “Ernie”. Hanni could be defined as the holiday celebrated between a Jewish person and a Christian person.

Ingrid a visitor from Sweden, promised Ernie that she would return and they would meet at the rock the next June. However she never did make it. Ernie kept his promise and would wait at the rock on a certain day every June. He faithfully documented his return by carving the year of his last visit. His trek and broken heart continued for 19 years. The last attempt to carve the year into the rock was a weak “74”.

The Love Rock
Photo J.Borno – Click on Image to Enlarge

On your next visit to Emerald Lake do try and locate this love rock on a well travelled path.


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