Spray that Bear

Bear spray, also called pepper spray or capsicum deterrent, is on the rise as an effective tool to minimize injury due to bear-human conflict.

Karen trying the Bear Spray at the Lafarge Open Plant day June 20

In recent studies done in the wilds of alaska, the effectiveness of bear spray in repelling a bear attack showed that in all reported cases bear pepper spray proved to be nearly 100 percent effective.

A Grizzly Bear being sprayed

When faced with a charging bear, spray your bear spray in a wide sweeping motion to create a cloud barrier between you and the charging animal. While avoidance is the most effective way to deal with a bear encounter, it is proven time and again that bear pepper spray saves lives.

The Bow Valley WildSmart Community program is a proactive conservation strategy that encourages efforts by communities to reduce negative human-wildlife interactions.
Their web site is loaded with information for the resident’s as well as those who want to come to the Bow Valley to play. Here you can find: Weekly Bear activity: Weekly Wildlife Activity: Bear Spray Training: Bear Safety: A Wildlife Workshop Series series with such persons as Dr Stephen Herrero:

LEARN the WildSmart Basics and visit their web site – Bow Valley WildSmart

The Bow Valley WildSmart giving training on how to properly use the Bear Spray

Bears are naturally deterred when faced with the orange cloud caused when you discharge a can in front of a charging bear. The spray contains an invincible ultra hot 20% pepper mixture (which is the highest concentration) of any bear spray currently available today. It penetrates the mucus membranes of the animals eyes causing it to turn and retreat quickly.

Bear/Pepper Spray Information


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