Kicked Out!

It is that time of year when the female Elk or if you like Wapiti will soon be calving. We caught this group in turmoil as the big Ma’s are trying to drive away their last year babies so they can calve in peace.

Stay away from these female’s when they are birthing as they can be very protective and aggressive toward any close encounter of people. In addition the big bears do like to be around to help themselves. Bear 64 has a purpose to her location, she will teach her offspring the feast of a baby Elk and then depart for higher ground.

Two female Elk ready to calve once again are giving the boot to their 2011 offspring.

Two yearling Bull Elk must leave to allow their mothers to give birth.

It is time to leave the protection of Mother.

The two Youngsters run hard to catch their mothers who tried to escape.

They catch up and try to continue to hang out – Not an easy task to leave mother!


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