Hiking Opabin Plateau

The Lake O’Hara area is one of the most spectacular places in Canada. The hiking trails are extensive and varied and the surrounding high mountains are simply incredible. A another enjoyable hike from Lake O’Hara.

Opabin Plateau Circuit Length : 5.9 km circuit Elevation Gain : 250 metres

Opabin Plateau is a beautiful hanging valley atop a rocky headband cliff above Lake O’Hara. West Opabin Trail and East Opabin Trail climb to the head of the valley from both sides of the cliff. By starting up either of these arms of the circuit and returning via the other, a tour of the valley can be made. Via West Opabin : A sign on the southwest end of Lake O’Hara marks the beginning of the west arm of Opabin Plateau Circuit. The trails climbs quickly to Mary Lake, follows the shore and then climbs steeply up an open talus slope for approximately 120 vertical metres until it mounts a grassy cleft onto the rolling terrain of Opabin Plateau. At this point, the All Soul’s Prospect Alpine Route joins the circuit from the west. Another small path travels east back out to the head of the cliff, a point called Opabin Prospect.


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The Opabin Plateau Circuit continues into the little valley of Opabin Creek. It crosses a bridge over the creek and travels upstream, passing southwest of Hungabee Lake. Climbing over a knoll through more talus, the circuit arrives at Opabin Lake. A glacier about 800 metres long lies at the foot of Opabin Pass – the narrow gap in the peaks at the end of the lake. Hikers are warned to stay off the glacier because of dangerous crevasses. The return arm of the circuit begins on the east shore of Opabin Lake, continue through grassy meadows back to the brink of the valley and a 0.8 km series of switchbacks that drop to the shores of Lake O’Hara.



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