Driver Fatigue

On May 7, 2012 at near 4:30 am, the driver of this big rig fell asleep and hit the rock wall. Word has it, that this was his first ever trip to British Columbia and his first ever through the Rocky Mountains.
Photo by K.Borno

The entire contents of his load he was hauling moved forward on impact and overcame the cab.
Photo by K.Borno

When this happens on one of the worst stretches of highway in Canada, it can spell a 6 -12 hour delay. There is no way around it. See my POST of March 13, 2012 BIG TRUCKS and BAD ROADS
Photo by K.Borno

A second victim’s body lay undiscovered for hours. When tow trucks pulled the truck from the ditch, the second driver, a women was discovered dead underneath the wreckage.
Photo by K.Borno

The traffic heading west was halted over a whopping 10 kilometres. No toilets, no food, just stuck in your vehicle!
Photo by K.Borno

Before your journey get lots of sleep. Plan your trip to encounter a delay , drive heads up from Golden to Revelstoke as you will encounter lots of big trucks, bad roads, potholes and wildlife.


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