The Trans Canada “Pothole” Highway

Warning and beware if you are driving West to BC, the signs say WATCH OUT FOR POTHOLES! No kidding! But you don’t have to watch out for them, as it is most likly they will find you! This makes for a very dangerous hazard, the natural instinct of a driver is to swerve them, most of them are unmarked and only noticed within the final seconds.

So what does this sign really mean? Lazy man with shovel ahead?
Photo by J.Borno

This one could break your WHEEL, POP your tire and PISS you off!
Photo by J.Borno
Could you imagine hitting these at full speed?
Photo by J.Borno

Notice the WARNING SIGN on the right side. Geez man this is in the middle of the road!
Photo by J.Borno

Yep – this is our National Trans Canada Highway – from Coast to Coast.
Photo by J.Borno

Do we need to spend taxpayers $ on F35’s? Hell no fix the potholes so we have some taxpayers left!
Photo by J.Borno



  1. We were traveling from Revelstoke to Banff and halfway to Golden we hit a major pothole, bent two wheels, blew out one tire and had to limp on the emergency spare to Banff. Had to buy a non matching $280. wheel just to get home to the Seattle area. The trip was nice but extra costs exceeded $500. to us due to the negligence of highway repairs. This is shameful and very disappointing. We know of no way to get reimbursed so it will be a cold day in Hell before we return to Canada on vacation again.


    • Hi Jack,
      Sorry to hear about your bad experience on Canada’s main highway!
      I have sent out some inquiries to see what the procedure may be to obtain compensation for the damages.
      From what I have read Cities and Provinces do anticipate Claims to be made and paid. Since you hit a pothole on the Trans Canada Highway I would think it falls under the Fed’s jurisdiction! I will keep you posted on any updates I receive. I also will send a note to the Minister of Highways for BC! Thanks for your comments.



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