Wapta Falls can be found near the west end gate of Yoho National Park on the Kicking Horse River, 25 km west of Field, BC and 30 km East of Golden, BC. The waterfall is accessed relatively easily via a 30 minute hike from the Trans Canada Highway.

Photo by J.Borno

Definitely worth the effort, this hike is suitable for the entire family with the reward of an enjoyable outing to see one of Yoho’s largest waterfalls and one of the most beautiful in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The waterfall is the 3rd largest in Canada, by volume of water, measures 98 feet across and 499 feet in height.

Photo by Keith Young

Wapta Falls, as named by First Nations people, meaning “river” and was the location of an historical event in 1858 that gave the Kicking Horse River its name. Near Wapta Falls, expedition member James Hector was kicked in the chest while trying to recover a runaway horse. Expedition members aptly named the river The Kicking Horse.

Photo by J.Borno

There are two ways to get to this magnificint waterfall, the Park’s hiking trail and the trail from the west side for a more amazing view. For the full details on both routes check this web site out

Video by K & J.Borno

Photo by J.Borno


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