Everyday is Sunday if you are an Elk

Today is March 25, Sunday, some have hangover’s, some prefer to lay on the couch all day and do nothing , other’s relax by involving their families in some form of activity. In the western world Sunday is the day of rest and to most, Sunday mean’s do nothing, relax, eat and recharge.

The local nomads are always on the browse eating and relaxing. So if you are an Elk, every day is Sunday. Just check out the following photos of this lazy bunch!

A six point Bull Elk has nested at the top of the slope so he can watch his girls below, Joe Cool!
Photo by J.Borno

This yearling who most likely is his daughter or son has their eyes closed, sleeping. Don’t bug me!
Photo by J.Borno

Another yearling chilling out!
Photo by J.Borno

So do you think he is attracted to the Elk statue or the name Elk Run? Early winter shot in Banff.
Photo by J.Borno

Update on the 3 legged Elk female. In this photo our gal was stumbling somewhat to stay with the herd as she always brings up the rear. Several females do wait for her to catch up and I know for sure she loves to see the herd stop and relax.
Photo by J.Borno

Happy Sunday! Enjoy!


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