How to build an Igloo

An Igloo is a structure that you would not expect to see in the Mountains, normally reserved for the cold north.

Our kids put the real deal up in a local park a few years ago and it was fully intact until the Spring thaw. Here is the tool we bought them and they proceeded to built this Igloo in less than 3 hours.

You can buy this tool here. Amazon

If you have the urge to camp out this winter in an Igloo, here is a link to Grand Shelters Inc who sells the ICEBOX® igloo construction tool. This is a great invention for igloo building by creating sequential blocks in place. This one tool can help you build and Igloo up to 11 feet across.

– With outside temps of -15 F and two candles, the temps will be 48 F at ceiling & 38 F at floor.
– With no heat source and all in sleeping bags the temps 38 F at ceiling & 34 F at floor.
– No need to sleep with the water bottle.

Doing the finishing touch’s.

Completed! Time to move in.


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