Codename Canmore

Intel has historically named integrated circuit development projects after geographical names of towns, rivers or mountains near the location of the Intel facility. Many of these are in the American West, particularly in the state of Oregon where most of Intel’s CPU projects are designed. As Intel’s development activities have expanded, this nomenclature has expanded to Israel and India. Some older codenames refer to celestial bodies.

It comes from a good source that Codename “Canmore” was probably named after our mountain town of Canmore, Alberta, Canada. It goes to show that you never know where the publicity and free advertising for the tourism of a town can come from. Who would ever think a codename for a Intel chip.

A few years ago Intel unveiled a new chip geared towards mobile technology. This chip was dubbed “Canmore.” It’s pretty much like the standard Intel chip except it’s designed to handle 3D graphics, surround sound and high-definition video. Canmore was probably an outgrowth of the sluggish pace of the PC world.

Canmore is the previously used code name for the Intel® Media Processor CE 3100. It is a single chip solution that targeted to bring great visual and audio experience in Consumer Electronics market space.


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