The Kicking Horse

A “Magnificent” waterfall in Cree “Takakkaw” is fed by the Daly Glacier above and coupled with “Yoho” “awe and wonder” will excite any person on their visit. The swift Yoho River tributary flows through the Yoho Valley then joins the Kicking Horse Cascade from Wapta Lake into the Kicking Horse River. The Takakkaw Falls were featured in the 1995 film Last of the Dogmen

The river was named for an incident in which James Hector of the Palliser Expedition (1857-60) was kicked by his horse, lived on to discover both the Kicking Horse Pass and the river that runs through it.

The Kicking Horse River has been proclaimed a Canadian Heritage River due to its historical importance in the development and exploration of Canada’s West. The Kicking Horse Pass was chosen by the Canadian Pacific Railroad for the trans-continental railway and finally linking East to West.

The Natural Bridge (below) is a natural rock formation that spans the flow of the Kicking Horse River west of Field. It was sculpted by the erosive forces of rushing waters over what had once been a waterfall.

Keep your fishing rod in the car as this river is so icy cold that only a few hardy fish species can survive. It is so fast that the water you see today will be 60 kilometres downstream by tomorrow.

Wapta Falls is located on the Kicking Horse River between Field and Golden, BC. It has been officially measured at 58 feet high, 330 feet wide and flows can swell to over 13,000 cubic feet per second.

The Kicking Horse River provides the ultimate in rafting, with powerful rapids, steep drops, big waves and boulders. The trip can cover up to 20 km and is rated at II to IV.


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