Spiritual Journeys

” To get some of the spirit power from Nature and to find a protector through life, you must go out alone on a guardian spirit quest. These mountains are our temples, our sanctuaries and our resting places. They are a place of hope, a place of vision, a place of refuge, a very special and holy place where the Great Spirit speaks with us. These mountains are our sacred places. ” – Chief John Snow –

When we think of spiritual places we think of Stone Hedge, Machu Picchu, Sedona and the Pyramids, to mention a few. Well you will be amazed at how many people come from every corner of the world to seek their pilgrimage, personal journeys or vision quests at different places within the Canadian Rockies.

Just do a little ” Gooooogling ” and you will find out where to find the shrines, crystal grids, energy spots, labyrinths, vortexes of energy, sacred spots, medicine wheels, special vibrations places, the electromagnetic vortex, the sacred lakes, the living chakric system, the Michael vortex, the Blue Grid, the Medicine Wheel of the Circle of 19 Power points (see photo) and the greater energetic Banff vortex! Wow! The list goes on!

The Grand Teton Medicine Wheel

Here is a list of a few of the sacred energy sites that are the destination of many:
1) Grotto Canyon’s and Grassi Lake Pictographs – Canmore
2) Giant Steps, Paradise Valley – Banff National Park
3) Moraine Lake – Banff National Park
4) Lake Louise – Banff National Park 5) Lake O’Hara – Yoho National Park
6) Michael Peak – Emerald Lake – Yoho National Park
7) Athabasca Glacier and Columbia Ice Fields – Jasper National Park
8) Mt Assiniboine – Mt Assiniboine Provincial Park, British Columbia
9) Lake Oesa – Yoho National Park
10) Electromagnetic Vortex – Blaeberry Valley – Golden, British Columbia

Lets face it! One of the largest spiritual movements in the last seventy-five years has been AA, Alcoholic Anonymous. Too much wine can take you on a journey and sometimes it comes with a headache and regrets. Wether of sober mind or not, life is a journey that has many destinations, one of my favourites is chasing ghosts and orbs at the Banff Springs Hotel!

Where you reach depends upon the choices you make while journeying, the mountain trails are many and point in every direction. It can be a journey of self discovery, a vision quest which is a turning point in life to find oneself, the intended spiritual and life direction. The spiritual journey in the Rockies can help to understand what our challenges are, and how to overcome them. By taking time to separate yourself from the everyday concerns of your world and spend time travelling to the sacred sites, full of power and special meaning, your journey becomes an act of transformation that can change your life in many positive ways.

The earliest known visitors to Banff arrived here some 12,000 years ago and most likely drawn by the same energy then, as today. The next time you are driving toward Banff on a Friday and the highway is crowded, just think one in four vehicles are transporting someone who is on a spiritual mission to a sacred place in the Rockies. No kidding and you could even call them tourists as they all look the same! Don’t forget your camera!

Grassi Lake Pictograph and the Banff / Yoho Star Grid


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