Canmore’s Coyotes

The Coyotes walk the street’s in town like they own them, they wander the back alley’s and side walk’s like they know exactly where they are going. If you followed this guy around town, he would stop and let vehicles by before proceeding to cross the road, the drivers oblivious to the animal. He will dart in and out of the familiar hiding spots, under the coniferous trees and behind fences looking for a quick rabbit chop. You could just tell he had done this many times before and it was his routine.

Along Three Sisters Drive we have this Coyote, that looks at home lying in the front yard just like the family dog would.

It has been said that Canmore’s Coyotes have a people problem. They are enjoying the town because there is ready food. The reality of this situation with the Coyote, is that wildlife lives here and so do we. They are part of the ecosystem and have been for many years but this could be the Coyote’s demise as a result of its behaviour, man will find the easy way out.

This is not much different than the Banff Bear problem’s prior to 1981. There the Bears viewed humans a food source because no one had control over their waste and Bears ran up and down the alleys feasting on restaurant scraps. As a result of this habituation there was three separate Bear attacks by one rouge Grizzly, killing one and maiming two. Be Coyote Smart!


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