What are they building?

So what are they building in Canmore on the Benchlands Trail near Highway One? Over the past several weeks you watch as this very unique structure gets another stick added to it and it makes you wonder? A big chicken coup? Home to the local rabbits and room for the Eagles to fly around too? A monkey cage?

Nope, none of those! It is the NEW 22,000 square foot $ 5.5 million dollar Grizzly Paw Beer Shack. The new building will be very visible from the Trans Canada Highway and as planned will no doubt lure thirsty motorists! The location is impressive, and will compete with the billboards on Morley Flats. The new building will be home to a brewery, banquet facilities and gift shop. Should be open by June 2012.

The wooden framework was fabricated in Golden, BC and the timber frame will appear on the outside of the building.

So another great tourist attraction in the Rocky Mountains, this one all the beer bellies will love. They make up to 15 different beers including their three flagship brews of Powder Hound, Grump Bear and Rutting Elk. So for all of you wine lovers, keep driving west!

Check out their New Brewery Photo Blog


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