Hoodooed in Canmore

1886 Photo Canmore Hoodoos

Spiritually Significant! Unearthly! Magical Spires! Spooky Spikes! From Voodoo? A “hoodoo” has many references and is also called a tent rock, fairy chimney and an earth pyramid. In French they are called “demoiselles coiffees” (ladies with hairdos) .

Are there Hoodoos in the Canadain Rocky Mountains? Many people are familiar with the sandstone Hoodoos in the badlands region of Alberta. Yes there are Hoodoos here and many people do not know that glacial till hoodoos are common in the Bow Valley. These Hoodoos where formed from glacial till that was deposited there at the end of the last ice age. A cap of resistant material sometimes a rock, sometimes just a hard layer – protects the hoodoo from the erosional forces that have been at work on the hillside for a thousand years. These Hoodoos are located on the Town of Canmore trail system, and are located on the mountain side above the Cemetery on the North side of the Trans Canada Highway.

Other locations in the Bow Valley include Tunnel Mountain, Spray River, Grotto Canyon and Johnson Lake, to mention a few.

  • For more photos of the Canmore Hoodoos
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