One Big Ice Rink

How about a skating rink that is 28 km (17 miles) long! With a early cold snap and very little snow most of the mountain lakes are prime for the ice skaters and wannabe hockey pucks. Caught this gal enjoying herself with no crowds on Lake Minnewanka Tuesday, Feb 7, 2012.
To view a larger size Click Here.

The lake is a glacial lake located on the eastern area of Banff National Park a few kilometres north of the Banff townsite. It is the longest lake in the Canadian Mountain Parks, as a result of a power dam at the west end. In “Nakota” the Stoney Indian language, it is the “Water of the Spirits” and they called it “Minn-waki”. The early Europeans called it “Devil’s Lake”.

The lake is a popular place among recreational scuba divers due to the presence of the submerged village, submerged bridge pilings and submerged dam (the one built in 1912). For more info on the underwater stuff Click Here

And yes I should not forget to mention that Lake Minnewanka is the home of the famous “Banff Crasher Squirrel” To view his YouTube movie Click Here.


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