Snow where are you?

So if we added up all the little snow fall’s we’ve had from October 1, 2011 to today February, 5,2012 I doubt if it would be over 12 inches or 30 cm! Now I live at Canmore 4,400 feet, so why is the SNOW a NO SHOW? Well the west or should say wet side of the Rockies has lots but very little on the east side. All the local ski hill’s appear happy as they have snow and the warm weather. The main reason is the Jet Stream is way bonkers and floating over the Yukon! With it so far north the warmer air from down south and Hawaii rush’s in! This keep’s the valley’s full of warm air and any snow melts or we even have rain in the middle of WINTER! Everyday our forecast show’s this Sun The next two weeks will not be much different so enjoy our snowless winter! Here is a good illustrastion of the Snow Depth Chart and what I am referring to!

But whatever we have no control! According to the Farmers Almanac March 2012 will be cold and snowy! Here is what they predict!
MARCH 2012: temperature -8°C (6°C below avg.); precipitation 10mm (10mm below avg.);
Mar 1-6: Snowy periods, cold;
Mar 7-11: Flurries, very cold;
Mar 12-17: Snowstorm, then sunny, milder;
Mar 18-23: Sunny, mild east; flurries, cold west;
Mar 24-31: Rain to snow east, flurries west, then sunny, cold.

So we shall see! See ya April 1st on this one!


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