Groundhog Day!

Groundhog hibernation gave rise to the popular American and Canadian custom of Groundhog Day, held on the second of February every year. Tradition dictates that if a groundhog sees its shadow that day, there will be six more weeks of winter. This year, “the picture” above tells it all. Ah SHIT and welcome to the thought of 6 more weeks of winter! Mind you this year is like a Victoria winter! In Balzac it is sunny, the groundhog Balzac Billy did supposedly see its shadow , put on his sunglasses and retreated back into its burrow. Sorry Bill Murray!

According to the legend of Groundhog Day, the groundhog’s behavior is a way of forecasting the weather. However, unlike other Groundhog Day mascots, Balzac Billy is a man in a costume. I wonder if the movie “Groundhog Day” is playing today?


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