Vermillion Lakes

The Vermillion Lakes are a series of Lakes located immediately west of Banff. This is one of the neatest places’s in Banff National Park and one of the best places ever, for the “Wildlife Photo OPS”! As the Bow Valley’s largest wetland area, the 3 lakes, surrounding sedge and willow flats are a rich haven for all kinds of wildlife. You will find over 200 species of birds (many migratory) that know these lakes well. A most important stopover point for migrant waterfowl within the Park. Drive slowly (30km) along the 4.5 km road and you could see Elk, Moose, Deer, Bears (Grizzly and Black), Mountain Sheep, Beaver, Muskrat, Geese, Eagles, Osprey and list goes on and on……

The above photo shows the effects of the “Hot Spring” that flows into the 3rd lake by keeping it open year round. The Spring bubbles up on the right side of the road flows through the culvert at about 10 gallons pm into the lake. Early morning and evening weekdays are prime times especially in the Spring.Take a polarizer as most of your shots are into the Sun.

For some detailed info on this Birding Location –

There is archeological evidence that proves human activity around the lakes dating back some 10,800 years, so you will not be the first person to visit. Take along the camera, tripod, mosquito repellant and lots of time.


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